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World's most expensive burger goes on sale

A restaurant in Chelsea is giving customers the ultimate post-pub treat – by selling a burger for £1,100. Made In Chelsea may have given the upmarket suburb its expensive image , but this posh nosh takes fine dining to another level.
The world's most expensive burger, dubbed the 'Glamburger', is stuffed with a burger patty made from 220 grams of Kobe Wagyu beef minced with 60 grams of New Zealand venison and seasoned with smoked Himalayan salt.Inside the opulent meat patty is a liquid pocket of black truffle brie.
As if that isn't enough, the burger is then served with a Canadian lobster poached in Iranian saffron topped off with maple syrup coated streaky bacon, Beluga caviar and a hickory smoked duck egg intricately covered in edible gold leaf.The bun is seasoned with a Japanese matcha – a kind of powdered green tea – cream mayonnaise and a coating of gold leaf.To top it all off, a mango and champagne jus is drizzled on top and peppered with grated white truffle.While the extravagant burger will probably burn a hole in your pocket - unless you're Millie Mackintosh - it will also load on the pounds.
Glamburger contains a whopping 2,618 calories - more than the recommended daily intake for an adult.


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