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Space tourists will change the world

Virgin Galactic
For those who can afford it at £155,000 a ticket it will be one of mankind’s greatest adventures, travelling to where – until now – only a handful of men and women have gone before.
But the man behind the project to send tourists into space says the journey will be more than just a pleasure trip. It will, according to the chief executive of Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic space programme, be a journey that will change its participants’ perspective of our planet for good.
And that, says George Whitesides, will lead them to work harder to change the world for the better when they set foot back on Earth
Promising that the first commercial flights into space will begin next Spring, Mr Whitesides, said: “It’s a simple observation but there is something called the overview effect, which is scientifically documented. When people go into space they come back with a different perspective and I think many of the challenges we face over the next century are essentially planetary challenges and so we need to have that planetary perspective to solve them. So I think we are going to have tens of thousands of people who are leaders in their community coming back and bringing that planetary perspective with them. I think that perspective is really important to solving some of our biggest problems on Earth.”
That may be a bold promise, but it is one to which Mr Whitesides – and his boss – appear committed.


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