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You should never pick a fight with a yabby

The brawling Australian yabby will never walk away from a fight, even after a loss.In fact, a new study shows he will immediately take on his conqueror for a rematch and proves he does not forget the face of his foes.
The two-year study by University of Melbourne zoologists of more than 100 pairs of yabbies showed the species Cherax destructor can remember and recognise the faces of individuals, specifically its opponents.
Professor David MacMillan, head of the University's department of Zoology, said this was a remarkable capacity for the invertebrate species of yabbies and freshwater crayfish.
"This is an ability known in humans and some vertebrates but in only a handful of invertebrate species," said Prof MacMillan, who led the research.
In the study, the loser yabbie was isolated after a fight and given the choice for another stoush against its previous opponent or a new crayfish.
The loser yabby moved toward the opponent it recognised rather than the new rival, showing a capability of visual identity rather than just an acute sense of smell.
Prof MacMillon said that the yabbies used highly variable cues such as colour and face width to recognise their foes.
"Careful observation by our team showed that the facial recognition is the important area for recognition of yabbies during and after a fight," Prof MacMillan said.
Prof MacMillan said the new research may lead to bigger things.
Understanding how simple nervous systems recognise features may contribute to developing feature recognition in robots, he said.

Baby falls through train toilet

A BABY girl born on the toilet of an Indian train survived after falling down the metal tube onto the tracks. The mother, who was seven months pregnant, fainted in the toilet, resulting in the 1.4kg (three-pound) baby slipping down the tube.
The newborn crashed onto the stones between the steel tracks and sleepers and was found by rail workers.

Doctors said her condition was stable.

"In just 12 hours after the unthinkable incident, she is coming out quite well," paediatrician Raj Kumar told The Times.

The girl has yet to be named by her 33-year-old mother, who was travelling with relatives from their home in Rajasthan state to the western city of Ahmedabad for a hospital checkup.


Teen wears 'stupid' sign

Teen wears 'stupid' sign
A teenager caught going twice the speed limit in the US has faced the ultimate punishment – he's been publicly shamed by his mum. Adam Clark was pulled over doing 107mph (172km/h) in a 55mph (88km/h) zone.

After the cops had done with him, his mother, Heidi Wisniewski, not only took his car away, but also made him a sign to show outside of his school every morning and every afternoon.
Now Adam will spend the next month holding the sign which says: "I was STUPID. I drove over 100 mph and got caught. Thank God! I could have killed me and my friends."

Photo of the day - Cat on water

Cat on water

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Swedish state to sell sex toys

Sweden's state-owned pharmacy chain, Apoteket, has said it plans to help satisfy Swedes by adding sex toys to its shelves.
The one-year sales trial will start in June at 50 selected Apoteket stores around the country, they said on Thursday.
It was not clear what type of products would be available.
Apoteket said customer surveys had showed that many Swedes found Apoteket a natural vendor for sex-related products.


Angry wife burns 400 mobile phones

mobile phoneIn a fine example of a considered and proportionate response to relationship troubles, a spurned Chinese wife set fire to more than 400 cell phones owned by her and her husband after he walked out on their marriage, a news agency reported Friday.

The official Xinhua News Agency said the 37-year-old woman, identified only by her surname Wang, was arrested for arson.

The couple had owned a successful retail phone business in Weifang, the eastern province of Shandong. However, their shaky relationship hit rock bottom when her husband left her on March 3, the news agency reported, citing the local Qilu Evening News.