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Falling Metal Object Mystifies New Jersey Plant Workers

metallic object fall from the sky
Workers at a New Jersey treatment plant say they saw a heavy, metallic object fall from the sky Wednesday, and they want to know where the potentially deadly projectile came from.
The employees at Secaucus Treatment Works said the 5-by-5 inch piece of metal debris hit a railing, ricocheted off a concrete tank, then hit the ground. It landed about 25 feet from where employees were working.
"It came close. It came pretty close," said employee Victor Suppa.
It "could have killed somebody, absolutely" if it hit anyone, added operations foreman Steven Bronowich.
The workers said the object isn't part of the plant and there were no planes in the sky at the time. They were afraid to touch it at first, but they later picked it up and examined it.


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