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Woman Loses Wedding Ring in Halloween Candy

Woman in Mesa is desperate to find her wedding ring after she says she accidentally gave it away with the Halloween candy Friday night.
When I first realized what had happened, I just lost my speech, I froze,” said wife and mother Brooklin Yazzie.
The ring didn’t slip off her finger. She had placed it in a candy jar while helping her daughters carve pumpkins, and when the night became hectic she absentmindedly dumped the contents of the jar into the candy bag.
I actually had plastic rings in there too, so it wouldn’t have felt much different” she said.
Brooklin was barely 20 years old when she married her husband 10 years ago, and says she couldn’t afford a fancy ring at the time.
If you were to try and pawn it or sell it you could probably get $50 for it. It's not an expensive ring” she said.
But to Brooklin, it’s priceless. “It’s my wedding ring, you know? I mean you could replace it but it’s not the same.”
Brooklin is hoping someone has the ring and doesn’t know who it belongs to or how to return it. She lives in the area of Broadway and Dobson roads in Mesa.

If you happen to have the ring or know someone who does, you can email Brooklin at


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