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Most annoying things people do on planes

Most annoying things people do on planes

THERE should be a set of rules outlining social etiquette on planes considering you’re stuck in a cabin with hundreds of strangers 39,000 feet up in the air with nowhere to escape.

Some of us seem to have no concept of what’s right and wrong in a public space and it’s particularly noticeable up in the sky. Here are the most annoying things people do on planes (in no particular order).

Clap when the plane lands
We’re not at the theatre.

Laugh out loud in movies
Just because you have your headphones on doesn’t mean you shut out everyone around you, too. We can still hear you.

Get up before the seatbelt sign is turned off after landing
The doors are still closed people, you’re not going anywhere fast.

Think the floor of the plane is a bin
It’s not a dumping ground for your used cups and plastic wrappers, you wouldn’t do this at home.

Come on to the plane sick
Some argue there should be a law about this. Planes are a breeding ground for germs.

People who spend too much time in the toilet
There’s two cubicles for about 200 passengers, come on people speed it up.

Bare feet
Seriously bare feet are wrong.

Strike up conversation
Small chat on planes should be banned.

Overload the overhead luggage
Now there’s no room for the rest of your row to stow their bags which means they’re either going to have to be checked in or inconveniently moved to the back of the plane.

Have the volume up on their headphones REALLY high
If we wanted to share your music we’d let you know.

Drunk people
We’re looking at the bucks, hens and footy trips.

Loud chewing
It’s bad enough we have to eat our meal elbow to elbow so make sure you keep your mouth shut too.

Wearing sunglasses
You’re not Bono, and the sun is definitely not shining in the cabin.

People working on laptops with paper work everywhere
We call these people the space invaders.

People who keep their seat reclined at meal time
Seriously, we don’t like eating with the back of your head in our face.

Freaking out over turbulence
A bump every now and then is completely normal.

People who push to get off the plane
We’re just as sick as you are of being stuck on the plane but pushing into my back is not going to get you off any faster.

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