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Turkeys and the terrorism

A wild turkey in Millstone Township, New Jersey dive-bombed a house and then destroyed part of the interior. This past Monday at 3:00 a flock of turkeys was observed casing a residence. At some point, one of the turkeys crashed into a window and broke into the home. New Jersey State police were immediately called. Trooper Richard Pogorzelski entered the home to see if the perpetrator was still lurking about but upon inspection realized the wayward bird had made a getaway - though not a clean one.
According to the home owner, "The bird had relieved himself all over. The room was a disaster." The bird did about $500 in damage to the bedroom of the homeowners' son, 8 year-old Jake. Perhaps not coincidentally, "jake" is what young male turkeys are called by human beings. The infiltrating jake found resident Jake's new $60 Abercrombie & Fitch shirt which he planned wearing to the family's Thanksgiving dinner and pooped all over it. The boy's mother said, "I don't know if it's salvageable."


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